Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lucy's One-Year Doctor Visit

For Lucy's birthday yesterday, we celebrated with pancakes and presents. We kept it pretty low-key because we will be having a party on Saturday with Lucy's friends. Today, the festivities included a doctor visit and some shots :(

Our Lucy girl is growing, though she is actually smaller than I would have guessed. She weighs 16 pounds and 14 oz. She is 27.75 inches tall. And I don't remember her head circumference, but the doctor confirmed our belief that her intellect is off the charts in the 1000th percentile. Ha. 

At 1 year...
- Lucy sleeps through the night. She goes to bed around 8 p.m. and wakes up around 7 a.m. Her parents are very happy about it. 
- Lucy is continuing to try all sorts of new foods. Her current favorites are blackberries, blueberries, and - can you believe it? - bananas. 
- Lucy has six teeth now - 4 on the bottom and 2 on top. She has the sweetest gap between her top front teeth. I will try to get a picture soon.
- She is still not walking, but she is gaining more confidence. She needs to work on her balance. I'm afraid she inherited her mother's lack of coordination!
- She is starting to understand how things work and develop memory. She is also starting to associate words with actions / things. 
- Her favorite new trick is blowing kisses. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. 

I am so thankful that Lucy is continuing to grow into a strong, healthy little girl. She seems more like a toddler to me now than a baby. We may have even experienced our first few genuine temper tantrum melt-downs. She definitely has an opinion about everything, and she is not afraid to express her thoughts on the following:
- The contents of her high chair tray ("You only gave me one piece of cheese, and I need at least ten pieces!!!"
- The sharp / potentially-dangerous object that has been taken away from her ("I NEEDED that!!!")
- The sleep sack ("WHY!!!")
- Being still ("All I want is FREEDOM!")
- Getting dressed ("I. Just. Can't.")
- Our car keys / cell phones / sunglasses ("The best things ever!!!")
- Morning ("I'm just going to shout at the top of my lungs until they wake up.")
- Nap time ("Playtime!")

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