Monday, July 6, 2015

Adventures in Potty Training

We are officially Potty Training. Potty "Training" is a very lose definition of what we are doing, I'd say. Basically, one day we just took diapers away, and we are only wearing big girl panties around here from now on...

Let me be the first to admit that I know nothing about potty training. I have no idea what the "right" way is to do it, and I have no idea how to tell if your kid is "ready". In my humble opinion, there is no "right" way. And the only way to find out if your kid is ready is to try. So that's what we're doing.

Here's what we did...
- As soon as Lucy wakes up in the morning, her diaper /  pull-up comes off, and she goes straight into big girl panties, which she wears all day long, including nap time. Originally, we let her wear diapers for naps too, but then we figured out that she was just holding her bladder until nap time, going pee pee in her diaper, and then holding it again until she got another diaper at bedtime. What a tricky minx she is. So, we put a waterproof cover over her mattress, and now she wears panties for nap time, too.
- Throughout the day, we try to make sure that Lucy stays hydrated and ask her periodically if she needs to use the potty. She pretty much always says, "No." Eventually, we just stopped asking. She has had several accidents, but on the plus side, she has also started telling us when she has to use the potty. That was always the goal, to help her become self-sufficient enough to initiate the potty-using. This way, I don't have to hover around her constantly, repeatedly asking, "Do you have to go potty? Are you sure you don't have to go potty?"

We still have quite a long way to go. When we go out in public, for example, she refuses to use public restrooms. Who can blame her? She says, "Potty too big." I think it scares her a little, even if one of us is holding her over the potty. So far, she is good at holding it until we get home, but I don't want her to have to hold her bladder too long. We try to keep our errands short these days. And, obviously, I carry spare clothes everywhere we go.

I also have yet to see her go poo poo on the the potty. This, from what I understand, is another beast entirely. I have no idea how to tackle this problem, and we probably won't for some time. We aren't really in any rush. 

I anticipate a little backsliding when Baby Sister arrives. The combination of me caring for a new baby and the big change for Lucy might cause her to regress. From what I hear, this is totally normal and temporary, and it has never been my goal to have Lucy 100% potty trained before Baby arrives. Not only is that unrealistic (for us), but it isn't really fair to Lucy. I feel like we will already be asking so much of her as a big sister, and I want the transition to be as easy for her as possible. I'll write more on this another time. 

Hope you all had a happy Fourth of July! We had fireworks going off constantly in our neighborhood. Poor Sadie was a nervous wreck! On Saturday, we enjoyed a fun cookout with our friends and watched the kiddos run through the sprinklers. It was perfection.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I used to think nesting was something made up to keep pregnant women busy and distracted during their final weeks of pregnancy. Not the case. 

When I was pregnant with Lucy, I nested a little here and there. I definitely had nesting "moods". With this pregnancy, I have been a nesting freak. I want to nest all over the place, and I feel like if I don't get everything done before Baby comes. the universe might explode. For example...

- The other day, I HAD to clean to baseboards. I was deeply offended by how dirty my baseboards were, and I had to clean them immediately. Imagine me, eight months pregnant, down on my hands and knees, scrubbing baseboards. It was not pretty.

- Same with cleaning out the refrigerator. And I don't mean going through all the food and throwing away expired items. I mean, I scrubbed that refrigerator until it sparkled. Morgan told me that we now have a "Nancy Meyers" fridge. Ha. Maybe if my fruits and veggies were freshly-picked from the garden... Wait, is there time to plant a garden?

- I have been making lists like crazy. I have a list for every imaginable thing. I have a list of everything that needs to get done before Baby arrives. I have a list of baby stuff we still need to get. I have a list of stuff to pack for the hospital. I have a list of potential middle names for Baby Sister. And just in case my phone crashes, I have all my lists backed up on the Cloud. Yeah, that's how crazy I am. 

- I am only 35 weeks, and my hospital bag is already (mostly) packed. Baby's car seat is already installed. I even have extra towels in the car, just in case my water breaks randomly while I am driving somewhere. For those of you who may not know, doctors usually encourage expectant moms to make these preparations some time around 37 or 38 weeks. For some reason, I could not wait that long. I needed to get all of these things done immediately

The good news is, if Baby decides to come early, thank goodness we have clean baseboards and a clean refrigerator. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Feeding the Giraffes

Today, while I was at a friend's bridal shower, M took Lucy to the zoo, and she got to feed the giraffes...

In case she has not told you, giraffes are Lucy's favorite animals. Getting to feed them was a dream come true. She can't stop talking about it.

That's all. Happy Weekend!

Friday, June 26, 2015

34 Weeks

34 weeks! I am starting to get more anxious / excited for Baby Sister to arrive. But we still have about 6 more weeks to go!

Baby Sister is about the size of a pineapple, weighing almost 5 pounds. She is anywhere between 19 and 22 inches long. She is beefing up for her arrival, putting on the pounds. Fortunately, my own weight seems to have leveled off a bit. I have weighed in at 138 lbs. at my last two doctor's appointments, which puts me right in the healthy margin for pregnancy weight gain. Woohoo!

As far as symptoms go, I have noticed some mild, abdominal cramping, which is apparently my body's way of preparing for childbirth. I have also been experiencing some crazy fatigue. Some days, I have bouts of extreme nesting energy, and I am very productive. Most days, however, I am exhausted. I feel like the simplest tasks are super daunting, and I just want to close my eyes. From what I read, this is fairly common in late pregnancy. Poor Lucy is being a good little sport!

Yesterday, I had a doctor's appointment in the morning, and then yesterday evening, we had our hospital tour. At my doctor's appointment, I voiced my concerns about induction. My doctor was extremely supportive, and even though she is still concerned that my labor will go really fast this time around, she told me that it is 100% my decision. At this point, we have decided not to induce, to let Baby come when she is ready. I am a tiny bit nervous about a potentially faster labor. I don't want to be one of those people who end up on the news because they gave birth on the way to the hospital. Still, I'm not worried enough to feel comfortable with induction. We will just make sure to get to the hospital as soon as I know I'm in labor.

Speaking of the hospital, it is pretty swanky! They have just remodeled the Mom and Baby floors, and the rooms are super nice. Not that I will notice much when I'm back there, you know, giving birth. I'm sure I'll have other things on my mind!

Walking down those halls and peeking into the hospital rooms was so surreal. I can't believe I'll be back there so soon, that we will finally be able to meet this baby girl.

During my random bouts of nesting energy, I have gotten quite a bit accomplished. The other day, I was down on my hands and knees scrubbing all the baseboards! I have the sudden desire - even more than usual - for everything to be clean and organized. Baby Sister's clothes are washed and already stashed in the nursery. All the baby gear is out of storage and ready to be used. I cleaned out and organized the nursery closet. My bag is all packed for the hospital, with extra towels in the car just in case. I will post more on all of this later, but suffice it to say, we are now ready for Baby to arrive any time she wants to show up. Hopefully, she will stay in there a little bit longer!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

{M and Lucy, 2013}

I am so thankful for this man. He is such an amazing father, and I thank God that our girls will have the love and devotion of a man like him. The way he respects and values our daughters will teach them so much about their own self-worth, to respect themselves and to one day seek husbands who respect and value them in the same way. Most importantly, the sacrificial way in which he loves his family points us all to the way that we are loved and cared for by our Heavenly Father. 

Parenting can be challenging at times, and I am so thankful that he is my partner in this life. I think we make a pretty good team. :)

Your girls love you so much! Happy Father's Day!

Also, I want to wish a very happy Father's Day to my own dad, who has had my heart from day one. Thank you for letting us shoot you with Nerf weapons, for bouncing us high on the trampoline, for taking us on roller coasters and jet skis and giving us such a healthy love for adventure. Thank you for always supporting and loving us unconditionally, for allowing us to be ourselves, and for letting us know that Christ is enough. I love you! 

Lucy would like to wish a very happy Father's Day to her Pop Pop and Papa Bear, and to her Uncle John and Uncle Taylor, and to her Big Daddy! We are so thankful for all of you!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dance Class

This morning, we took Lucy to her first "dance" class...

She loved it. The class was a mixture of dance, yoga, and play time. The teacher got out hula hoops and colored scarves and all kinds of fun toys for the little ones to play with. Lucy got to practice some of her dance moves, but she also got to play games like "Ring Around the Rosie". At the end of class, the teacher rolled up all the kids in their mats, which Lucy loved. 

Even though it was pretty far from traditional ballet, Lucy had so much fun. She can't stop talking about it. I'm sure we'll be back next week.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lucy Ballerina

Lately, Lucy has been obsessed with ballet. I know that all little girls go through this at some point; I just didn't know it would happen at age two. 

I have been unable to find a local ballet class that accepts two-year-olds. Most classes begin at age 3. I am taking Lucy to a toddler dance / yoga class on Thursday. It sounds ridiculous, but it was the closest thing to a ballet class we could find for her age! We'll see how she likes it.