Thursday, April 25, 2019

Choir Concerts

This year, the girls were part of a local Children's Choir, and this past week was their End-of-the-Year Concert. Cuteness abounds!

The girl beside Alice was cracking me up... She was NOT happy.

This coming weekend, we will celebrate Lucy's SIXTH birthday, and I am feeling very emotional about it. I can't believe my first baby is going to be six! 

Sunday, April 14, 2019

5 Months

Our sweet Esme is five months old! She has grown into such a happy, squishy baby!

At five months, Esme...

- Weighs over 13 lbs. She has climbed into the 15th percentile for weight, which is amazing. And she is developing some adorable baby rolls.

- Does not like crowds or crowded places! She is easily overstimulated in restaurants or kids’ birthday parties (aren’t we all?). But at home, with her family, she is happy as a clam.

- Thinks her sisters are the best!

- Can roll over! I have seen her roll over both ways, but she doesn't do it very often.

- Has graduated from the swaddle. I was worried about this transition, but she has taken it like a champ.

- Seems super interested in food. Every time I eat around her, Esme follows my food with her eyes. I can tell she is going to enjoy solids, though I probably won’t introduce them for another month or so.

- Loves the play gym and has started to notice and interact with her toys. She grabs them and smiles at them... so cute!

- Doesn’t have any teeth yet, but has been very drooly / gnawing on her hands. I think it’s only a matter of time...

- Discovered her feet! Her new favorite thing to do is grab her own foot and try to put it in her mouth. Silly girl!

She looks so much like both of her sisters!

Look at those squishy legs and sweet, little toes!

I see Alice in this expression! But she is clearly her own person.

It is so much fun to watch her grow!