Monday, August 30, 2010

Pillows and Some Lady Time

I am very excited; my project this summer was to learn to sew. Behold, my first pillows.

I made them for the guest bedroom in my parents' house, but I may steal them because I like them so much! They were kind of tough because the fabric was awkward, and the cording was difficult to figure out. But, in the end, I feel like they turned out really pretty.

Tonight, my former roommates all got together in Atlanta for a little reunion. We ate chocolate-covered strawberries and sat outside while the sun set. A very good way to wind down the summer and catch up on life.

We sort of felt like we should be passing around a pair of jeans and writing on them. It was exciting to hear about everyone's adventures post-college. We are all in such different places in our lives, but God is doing amazing things! I have been blessed with some precious friends.

Friday, August 27, 2010

One of Those Days

True story: This morning Georgie ate two socks [whole] and then proceeded to throw them back up on the floor of our bedroom. I feel like that book Marley and Me gets more believable every day.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Then Sings My Soul

It's strange living in a college town when I am no longer in college. Morgan and I were walking through downtown Athens this afternoon, watching the students with their bicycles and backpacks, rushing to get to class on time. Quite appropriately, my diploma finally arrived in the mail today. I was sort of having a freak-out moment (over not being able to find a job, not knowing what's coming next...), and I threw my diploma into the closet. Bad Lauren. But, don't worry. I have seen the error of my ways, and maybe I will even remove my diploma from it's cylindrical case and look at it tonight.

The past several months have been such a struggle. If you don't already know, you can read all about our support-raising process on our other blog, the Angerts Go West. We have been so back and forth about whether or not God is calling us to work with youth at a church plant in Fort Collins, Colorado. We strongly felt the Call to go, but our circumstances did not offer much in terms of affirmation. The past couple of days, especially, have been so hard. We were feeling very discouraged all day today. Thus, my diploma hanging out in the closet with my American Girl dolls. But then, a miracle happened. Literally, a miracle. Happened.

Morgan and I were watching the Braves play the Colorado Rockies away in Denver. For the first half of the game, the Braves were dominating. I was sewing in the dining room with my mom, and I kept hearing Morgan yelling with much enthusiasm. Then, from like the sixth inning on, the Rockies starting to make a comeback. And then, they won. Irony? Simultaneously, Morgan received a phone call. Through some extraordinary means, we have jumped from 67% of our support to almost all of it! I don't have the exact percentage yet, but we think it's around 90%. I will let you know when I have more details.

All of this goes to show how great our God is! His Will is so perfect, even though it never makes sense to us at first. I feel like we have been up and down and back again, trying to figure out how to make it out to Colorado. But, in the end, it wasn't our own efforts at all. Praise be to God.

P.S. We're moving to Colorado.