Monday, April 14, 2014

Diaper Rash Woes

Hello there. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We enjoyed some beautifully warm temperatures (finally in the 70's) until yesterday, when it SNOWED. Fortunately, the sun is out again today, and hopefully this snow will be gone in no time. 

Yesterday morning, Lucy woke up with a horrible diaper rash. She has never had very bad rashes, and I feel like this one has appeared out of thin air. I read somewhere that a lot of acidity in the diet can cause ugly diaper rashes, and Lucy eats a lot of citrus. She is currently hanging out bare-bottomed, following a breakfast of non-acidic foods (bananas and cheerios).

I am hopeful that this rash will disappear soon. In the mean time, we have a naked baby on the loose!

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