Friday, April 25, 2014

Letters to Lucy, Pt. 3

{Lucy, the first time we met}

September 6, 2012

Hello Baby,

Today, I am seven weeks pregnant. I am starting to feel sleepy all the time, and I'm noticing that my jeans are getting a little tighter around the waist!

Random craving this week: root beer. I never drink root beer. I never even think about drinking it. But lately, it’s all I’ve been wanting. I bought some at the grocery store yesterday, much to your dad’s delight.

Random aversion this week: pasta. Pasta is usually one of my favorite foods. But lately, the thought of eating pasta makes me feel sick to my stomach. The texture of the noodles make me think of slimy worms. Isn't that gross?

Pregnancy is a funny thing. It is a wild new adventure for us. And to think that all of this crazy stuff is bringing us closer to meeting you!


Your Mama

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