Thursday, June 6, 2013


Since Lucy was born, we have been blessed with some great visitors. My family was here in early May, and then M's parents came out to Colorado shortly thereafter. This past weekend, we had a visit from my friend Leanna...

{Lucy loves her Aunt Leanna!}

Lucy is almost six weeks old, which apparently means that she is at her peak fussiness. I'm sure this looks different for all babies, but for Lucy it means that she doesn't like daytime naps. (She is still sleeping great at night - two nights ago, she didn't wake up once! - so we feel like we can't complain about her not taking naps during the day...) M and I are very well-rested, but I am having trouble finding the time to get things done during the day, including keeping up with this blog. If she does go down for an hour here and there, I am able to do some housework or take a shower. I am trying to learn to use my time wisely! Just know that blogging may take a backseat for the next couple of weeks. I will post as often as I can :)

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