Friday, June 21, 2013

Lucy's First Overnight Trip

Lucy's first overnight trip was a huge success! This past week, we were up in the mountains for a conference with some of M's students. I was nervous about traveling with a newborn, so I definitely over-packed. I even brought Lucy's sound machine, which I think helped me more than it helped her :)

{M with Lucy in the Ergo... she looks unbelievably tiny in this picture!}

The conference was a lot of fun! I wasn't able to go mountain biking or horseback riding or hiking, but Lucy and I spent a lot of time just sitting outside and enjoying a beautiful view of the mountains. 

In a couple weeks, we are headed to the beach with M's family. I am honestly dreading the flight. I'm hoping Lucy will sleep through it, but there's no telling! Wish me luck. 

1 comment:

  1. Keep that baby on the boob during take-off and landing and it will be a cinch!
    FYI: Airport family bathrooms are your best friend!