Saturday, June 22, 2013

Growth Spurt

Our Lucy girl is growing so quickly! Yesterday, I put away the last of her newborn clothes. It's hard to believe those little onesies ever fit her. 

I feel like Lucy has been doing mostly vertical growing. I measured her today, and she is about 22 inches long. It's difficult to get an exact measurement because she won't stay still! She loves to kick her little legs and wave her arms. 

She has also started smiling at us, which is just too cute for words. She has grown more aware of things around her, too. She has discovered the mirror that hangs on the back of the car seat, so that we can see her while we're driving. She has also discovered the mirror that hangs over her little swing. The other night, I took a video of her smiling up at her reflection...

Can you believe she is going to be two months old soon??? I can't. 

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