Friday, October 1, 2010


It's started to get cold here, and I have a feeling that winter is just around the corner. Some people have said that some years it's already snowed in Fort Collins by now. Crazy. It seems like not that long ago, we were frolicking on the beach! I was just looking at these pictures from our May trip to Cape San Blas, Florida, and they made me feel so warm :)

Tonight we had dinner with our sweet upstairs neighbors. We ate outside and then had desert sitting around the chiminea, keeping warm in front of the fire. Wonderful. This was the perfect way to wind down an incredible day. But Georgie had other plans. Literally, as soon as we came downstairs to our apartment and started cleaning up and getting ready to turn in for the night, Georgie projectile vomited all over our bed. She also managed to get a pair of my jeans, our rug, and our down comforter. These are the moments I wished we owned a washing machine.... Anyone want a dog?

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