Monday, September 27, 2010

A Walk in the Woods

So today we went on our first Colorado hike. Scott (the pastor at Grace Church) and his wife Amy took us hiking up to Grey Rock. Apparently, this is like the essential Fort Collins hike, the initiation if you will. It was pretty brutal, an hour and a half of straight up hill followed by another half hour rock climbing to the summit. It was so much fun, and the views were not too shabby either.

Let's just say it was way easier going down. When we got to the bottom, there was this beautiful river (I think it was the Poudre?) near where we parked. We just sat on the rocks and sighed great sighs of relief and accomplishment. I guess this means we are official Coloradians.

Here are some things that have surprised me about Colorado:
1. It actually gets pretty hot here during the day.
2. Men like to walk around with their shirts off... I thought they just did that in the South.
3. Not everyone here skis. Not everyone here snowboards. The natives, for example, largely don't. The transplants (like us) generally do. Interesting.
4. They have football rivalries here. Apparently, CSU (in Fort Collins) and CU Boulder are big rivals. Who knew?

Here are some things that have not surprised me about Colorado:
1. People are way into conserving and preserving.
2. Wal-mart is an evil empire.
3. People love their dogs. They ride their bikes pulling their dogs behind in car seats.
4. Sometimes, especially up in the mountains, it's freezing!!!

We are settling in really well, so far. It's been cool to get to know everyone. Fortunately, Fort Collins reminds me a lot of Athens, so it already feels a little like home. And there's a Chick-fil-A. Yes, please.

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