Sunday, September 19, 2010


I hate goodbyes. I used to think I was good at them, but now I am not sure. We have had to say goodbye to so many people in the last few days that I am sort of emotionally exhausted. At first, it didn't really hit me that we are actually moving. But this morning, as I was sitting in church, it started to sink in. And then, as we were driving off into the sunset (literally) and leaving Athens behind, it sunk in even more. Boo. Not a fan of goodbyes - it's official.

Last night, we had a send-off party. It was really fun and really strange at the same time because at that point, I still had not processed everything, and it just felt like any other party. Here are some photos from the evening:

Tomorrow, we set out for Colorado. It will be a long 12-hour day of driving. If Morgan and I don't kill each other, we will be spending the night in a small town in Missouri. I can tell that we will have stories :) Many of them.

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