Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Imaginary Play

Lately, Lucy has been engaging in imaginary play, which is a huge developmental milestone...

Feeding her "babies"...

She makes sure that her "babies" get enough milk to eat. She also "changes" their diapers and puts them to bed.

It is so much fun watching Lucy's wild, little imagination develop. Some of her favorite imaginary play games, besides taking care of her "babies", are:

- Kitchen: Lucy has a little play kitchen, and she loves to "cook dinner". She pretends to wash dishes, season food with salt and pepper, cut vegetables, etc. And she always brings the finished product to us for a little "taste". 

- School bus: Even though I am pretty sure Lucy has never seen a real school bus, she seems to understand the concept perfectly. I guess she must have read about a school bus in a book? One of her favorite games is to load the children onto her toy school bus and "drive" them to school. As she pushes her little school bus around the floor, she says things like, "Time to go to school," or "Time to go home," or "Sit down on the bus." 

- Going out: Another of Lucy's favorite games is to pretend that she is going "out". She will put on her shoes (usually on the wrong feet... so cute!), grab her purse, and tell us "bye bye". She always asks for a hug and a kiss before she leaves. After a few minutes, she will announce, "I'm back!", and then the game starts all over again.

- Going to sleep: Lucy also likes to pretend that she is going to sleep. She asks us to turn the lights off, and she lays down in her little bed. The funniest part is that she pretends to snore! After a few seconds, she pops up and says, "I'm awake!" 

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