Friday, April 3, 2015

Friends Come to Town

This past week, we enjoyed a visit from our good friends Bonne, Kyle, and Ezra. Lucy loved little Ezra so much, and we got a nice little preview of how she will handle a younger sibling...

Unsurprisingly, Lucy was quite bossy. She took it upon herself to make sure that Ezra did not climb on the dog beds, telling him "No!", as if she were a little mama. Also, she could not pronounce his name, so she took to calling him "Engine". Not sure how she got "Engine" from Ezra, but OK. She also seemed very territorial at first, and she did not like the fact that Ezra got to sit in her Bumbo seat or play with her toy kitchen.

By the time our friends had to leave, Lucy was very attached to "Engine". She called him "cute" and gave him lots of hugs and head pats. She was also much better about sharing toys by the end of the visit. I think she was actually sad to see him go.

By the time Ezra had to leave, they were basically best friends!

It was so much fun watching Lucy and Ezra interact, and we so enjoyed having our friends in town! Now that Lucy has had some practice being a big sister, I think she might be ready for Baby Sister's arrival.

Happy Good Friday!

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