Friday, July 18, 2014

A Lucy Update

It's been awhile since I've updated on Lucy, so I'm catching you up today :)

{Lucy believes that she is a dog.}

At 14 months...
- Lucy loves to explore. She is curious and adventurous. If only her mama would just let her taste rocks!
- She could sit in her room and read books for hours. Sometimes, I notice that Lucy is being unusually quiet. This either means that she is getting into trouble, or that she is reading. She has started to "read" out loud to herself, which is basically the cutest thing I have ever seen. 
- Lucy's first (and only word so far) is "dog". Although, when she says it, it sounds more like "dah". 
- Everything is a telephone. The remote control is a telephone. A stuffed animal is a telephone. She will put random objects up to her ear and start chatting, as if she is speaking to a long-lost friend. She even does hand gestures. Makes me wonder what I look like when I talk on the phone. 
- She knows various parts of the body. When you say, "Where's your nose?", she will point to her nose. When you say, "Where is your belly button?", she will lift up her shirt to show you her belly button. She also has no problem showing you your own belly button. 
- She still doesn't walk on her own, and she doesn't seem to be in any hurry to do so.
- Lucy can "dismount" the couch all by herself. She can also climb stairs, which makes her mama very nervous. 
- Lucy's favorite food: Anything we are eating. Except vegetables. 
- Lucy's favorite book: Anything Dr. Seuss or starring Elmo. 
- Lucy took her first shower yesterday. I was in the shower, and M had to leave for work, so Lucy joined me in the shower. She thought it was the greatest thing ever. Like playing outside in the rain, but warm! 

Lucy is growing into such a fun little person. I can't believe she isn't a baby any more. Sometimes, I look at her and think, "Who is that toddler?" She is getting so big! 

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