Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our Blizzard-y Weekend

This past weekend, we were up in the mountains. It was beautiful. But then, there was a blizzard. And the power went out. And there was no heat. And we have an almost-seven-month-old baby...

{the beautiful sunrise... before the blizzard started}

I wish I could tell you that we chopped up the furniture into firewood and stayed warm and cozy together all weekend, just like the pioneers would have done. But that is not what happened. We stuck it out like brave soldiers, running on zero sleep, trying to make the best of it. But it was miserable. That's about as generous an adjective as I can use. 

{our "selfy", sitting in front of the fire}

Moving on, I am so excited to give you a little "preview" of Lucy's photo shoot with our friend, Libby. You should look at all the lovely work on her website, but especially her photos of our Lucy girl. I can't wait to show you more :) Thanks again, Libby!!!

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