Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween and 6 Months!

My plan was to have lots of cute pictures of Lucy in her pumpkin suit, trick-or-treating with our friends. Obviously, the trick-or-treating part did not happen. Yesterday afternoon, Lucy was running a fever and had a slight rash. We took her to the doctor, and he said that she most likely just caught a little bug. Poor little girl :( The good news is that she got out of her six-month immunizations for now.

At six months old, Lucy weighs 13.14 lbs. and is 26.5 inches tall. She is still below average for weight and above average for height. She is healthy, other than the little bug she caught. Praise God for such a healthy, happy little girl! 

Since Lucy was feeling under the weather, we decided not to go out. M carved our jack-o-lantern, and we got the house ready for the trick-or-treat'ers.

I think Lucy made a very adorable pumpkin. Just this mama's opinion... :)

M dressed up as a pirate. If ministry falls through, I think he has a back-up career all set... :)

Our finished jack-o-lantern

After Lucy went to bed, we had some pumpkin ale and a Scream marathon. We definitely bought way too much Halloween candy and will probably be eating it for the next five years. I am alright with that.

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