Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kern Scholar Orientation

Hello, hello. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. To say we have been busy would be quite an understatement! We have been getting M ready to go back to school, which he will be starting NEXT WEEK! 

Yesterday, we had M's orientation for the Kern Scholarship Program at Denver Seminary. For those of you who haven't heard of the Kern Scholarship (I hadn't until M applied for it), it is one of the most intensely rigorous scholarship programs for seminary students... And it will allow M to attend seminary tuition-free! This is obviously a HUGE deal for us, and we are still amazed at God's provision. Yesterday was the orientation for the Kern Scholarship program, so all three of us made the trip to Denver to meet the rest of the Kern scholars who will be graduating along with M. 

For the orientation, we went on a lovely hike in Roxborough State Park... 

 {Even Lucy joined us for the hike... that's her head peeking out of the Ergo.}

Afterwards, we went to a cook-out at the home of the program director. There are ten other scholars in M's graduating class. It was wonderful to get to know them and their spouses. So far, Lucy is the only kid, but one of the other wives is currently pregnant, which means that Lucy will soon have a little buddy to play with at Kern events. 

As academically demanding as the Kern program will be, we feel so thankful that we will have such a great community to walk with us through the next four years. I think we are beginning to look forward to this next chapter of our lives.

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