Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Catching Up

I've been meaning to update the blog, but things have been a little crazy around here. We have been doing a few house projects (mainly the nursery, which I am changing up a bit... I'll explain later...) and soaking up what's left of summer. M will be going back to school in the fall, which means things will get a little messy and chaotic. But it will also mean the beginning of another fun chapter.

{our sweet Lucy Jane, playing with her dad}

I'm not entirely sure what it will look like for M to be in school full-time... and also have a full-time job. Even though I sometimes think he is Superman, I'm sure he will be so busy / exhausted for the next four years. Lucy and I have been so spoiled with the flexibility of his current job, and it will certainly be a change to have him away from us so much (commuting to Denver twice a week). It's definitely something we will have to figure out!

Hope you are all enjoying what's left of your summer! 

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