Monday, April 1, 2013

36 Weeks & Happy Easter

Hope you all had a fantastic Easter weekend! We celebrated M's birthday (more on that in another post) and spent a lot of time outside enjoying the beautiful spring weather. It's about time, Colorado! 

This past week was Week 36! On Wednesday, I will officially be 37 weeks, or "term". Baby Girl is currently the size of a watermelon!!! Obviously. She weighs about 6 1/2 pounds. My cervix is already dilated (1 cm) and is about 75% effaced. (Sorry if this cervix talk grosses you out... nothing grosses me out anymore, so I have lost my ability to filter.) According to my doctor, this doesn't necessarily mean that she is coming sooner than her due date... it just means that my body is getting ready to birth a baby! 

Having this little baby moving inside me is an amazing reminder of Easter and new life. I was sitting this morning, listening to the birds singing and feeling Baby Girl, and I was just struck by these miracles that point to the Resurrection. It's pretty amazing :) 

Happy Easter!
He is risen!


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