Thursday, June 28, 2012


Well hello there. It's been awhile since we've updated, but we've had a lot going on lately. I'm sure you have all seen the news - the wildfires in Colorado are out of control. Since I posted last, fires have broken out in Boulder, Estes Park, and Colorado Springs. The fire here in Fort Collins is almost contained, and we've had a little rain in the past couple of days. Still, my heart is breaking for the thousands of people who've lost their homes.

{the fire in Fort Collins}

Last week, M was in Estes Park for a youth conference. He said it was amazing, and I think all our kiddos who went had a blast. I got to go up there last Friday, the day of the beach volleyball tournament. Our kids took second place, which was pretty impressive, considering the fact that none of them even play volleyball. 

All this talk of fires and evacuation plans has got me thinking and realizing how incredibly blessed we are. Parents, you will be happy to know that yes, we do have an evacuation plan if this fire, or any other fire this summer, happens to cross the reservoir into our town. We will pack up our dogs and some clothes and maybe a few priceless possessions, get in the car, and drive. There is so much freedom knowing that, while it is so sad that people are losing their homes, we don't need all our stuff in order to be happy. If we are safe and healthy and have each other, that is more than enough. 

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