Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hey folks, we're home from Nashville! It was such a blast. I want to go back already. Here's a little recap of the trip...

We stayed in this beautiful house overlooking the lake. The sunsets were pretty incredible.

The groomsmen, doing some rehearsing before the big day. The wedding was held on this beautiful antebellum plantation... it was gorgeous!

Morgan with the groom, one of his roommates from college. Don't they look like they could be related?

Before leaving Nashville, we had to stop by the Opryland Hotel. It was just as I remembered it from when I used to go there as a kid. Frenches, let's go back!

So that pretty much sums up our trip. Back in Fort Collins, they are starting to get the wildfires under control. On the shuttle on the way home from the airport, we met one of the fire fighters who's been working 12-hour-plus days to put out these fires. He says its the worst fire season he's ever seen, but that they are making serious progress and saving lots of houses. Please pray that it would rain soon, so that these brave men and women can get a break and that the fire will go out! 

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