Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekend Recap

The big news around here right now is that we are in the middle of the largest fire our county has seen in a quarter-century. Basically, the entire fire is larger than our whole town. Fortunately, the fire is a little ways from us, but many people who live outside of town out in the foothills have had to evacuate. Not to mention, there is a HUGE cloud of smoke and ash covering the sky. It looks like a volcano erupted. Being from the South, we are not used to these crazy fires. I mean, sure we had forest fires in Georgia, but never like this. Please pray for the people who have had to evacuate. It would be so scary to leave your home and wonder if it will still be there after the fire has subsided.

This weekend, we took our kiddos to Elich Gardens, an amusement park in Denver. It was fun, but I got major sunburn.

Some of our friends had a cook-out / house-warming party, and they rented a septicycle. I have seen people riding them around Fort Collins, and while they are a little goofy-looking, they are really fun to ride... especially after a couple of drinks! (So I am told...)

Our friends also got four laying hens: Patsy, Bertha, Betsy, and Shannon. Dad: the darker ones apparently lay turquoise eggs... Did you know this phenomenon existed?!

Sunday night, we went to see Mat Kearney play in downtown Fort Collins. He was amazing, but the smoke was so bad that our throats and eyes were burning by the end of the show... I don't know how he was able to perform!

We are headed to Nashville on Thursday for a wedding. I am so excited to get out of town for a little bit and hang out with some of our good friends from college. 

Please pray that the amazing folks who are fighting this wild fire would be able to get it under control! Pray for the people who have been displaced by the fire. As of now, the fire is only 5% contained. That's better than nothing, but there is still a long way to go! 

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