Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our New Apartment

We are finally settled into our new apartment. As in, there are no more boxes lying around, waiting to be unpacked. We are still not completely finished, but we are finished enough to have a Super Bowl Party tonight.

Here are some photos, so you can feel like you have come over for a visit. :)

Homemade soap, bought at a farmer's market. Lemon poppyseed. It looks and smells good enough to eat.

This is the biggest bathroom I have ever had! I can't get over the tub. It's pure luxury for me to have a bath tub.

We turned our old baker's rack into a bookshelf, since our teeny apartment doesn't have a lot of storage. I love the owl :)

Once again, no storage space. I keep my baking ingredients in glass canisters out on the kitchen counter. Morgan makes fun of my canister obsession.

Our kitchen table - we found it at Agora in Athens. A guy made one custom for us out of old barn wood. It was such a steal. I am not crazy about our kitchen chairs. But we can't afford to replace them yet, and they do the job for now.

The chalk board was Morgan's when he was a little kid. We found it when we were cleaning out his old bedroom.

We have a bar counter that I am still trying to figure out what to do with. Eventually, we'll get stools and utilize it better. For now, it just sits pretty.

Another luxury - we have a fireplace! It makes those cold, winter nights almost bearable.

Georgie loves to look out our big window and watch people and dogs in the park below. It lets so much light in! Much better than a basement!

We found our side table in the dumpster the day we moved into our apartment. Someone didn't like it, but we sure do. The little pottery cup was made by a friend of Morgan's. The lamp is from Wal-mart.

A wide shot of the living room. The embroidered pillow was purchased at a flea market. The ship painting was done by my grandfather. I love it with all my heart.

So that's our cozy, little place. I will post more pictures as we continue to spruce it up. Or you can just come visit and see it for yourselves. :)

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