Monday, February 7, 2011


Hi team. I am exhausted. We had a sort of running-around kind of day. I had work, and Morgan had tutoring, and then we both had homework club. Morgan went out with the guys to Lucky Joe's, and I watched the Bachelor (shameful) and ate leftovers. (In case you are curious, I like Emily best out of all the bachelorettes... I don't think Brad deserves her though. She is pure class.)

It's blizzarding outside. Yes, blizzarding is a word. I talked it over with Webster. It means "the act of producing arctic temperatures and snow and ice that is almost impossible to scrape off your windshield in the morning".

We spotted a fox this weekend. He was right under our window. He was a handsome fox. We named him Felix. Felix the fox.

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  1. Georgia looks like a real dog! I stare out the window with the same look. I wonder what my family is wondering, and I wonder what is most important to wonder about. Maybe music? Wondering how I would make music on a deserted island. If you sit in the sand and cup your sweaty hands just right and beat the sand-- deep, dissonant drums. But what if no sand? You must always find a way to find rhythm because rhythm is the heart. I don't think we can produce rhythm, it must be discovered. Rhythm is beneath the earth like rocks. Rock of ages. There must always be rhythm. Y'all make beautiful music, and I know you will help Morg make his rhythm. If you open the door for the foxhounds you will not see any more foxes.