Saturday, April 2, 2016

8 Months

I'm running a little behind with this post. We are still recovering from our latest illnesses. The girls are mostly better, but M and I have been fighting off bad sinus infections. I feel like it has just been one sickness after another! On a much happier note, our little Alice Pearl is eight months old! 

This is Alice's classic stare. The face she makes 99.9% of the time.

But every now and then, we get a big smile!

At eight months old, Alice is very busy. She can sit up on her own. She loves to play with toys, especially her big sister's toys that she is not supposed to play with. At this point, Alice weighs about 15 pounds. She loves food and will eat pretty much anything. Her favorite foods are: blueberries, blackberries, avocado, peas, and applesauce. She also enjoys a nice pizza crust, and she is a big fan of spaghetti. 

Alice's personality is super laid-back. Unless she is hungry. She is not crawling yet, but she is very close. I'm guessing she'll get the hang of it in the next month or so. 

Alice has many nicknames, so she probably has no idea what her real name is. Mostly, she is called Sissy. Sometimes, Pearl or Pearly, sometimes Al, sometimes Chubs, sometimes Chub-a-dubs. Hopefully, she will not grow up thinking her name is Chub-a-dubs. 

We love our sweet Alice so much!

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