Sunday, April 24, 2016

9 Months

I can't believe my eyes. According to the calendar, our Alice is nine months old. That can't be right. 

At nine months of age, Alice is crawling all over the place. She is "cruising", holding on to furniture and standing up. She eats everything in sight, and she is currently cutting her two, front bottom teeth. 

Every day, we learn more about Alice's sweet personality, and every day, we fall more in love with her. She is such a content, calm, snuggly baby. She is also a sneaky little daredevil, and her favorite thing to do is dive off of the furniture. We have to keep a very close eye on her. 

This week, we will celebrate another big milestone - Lucy's third birthday. We are planning a little party for her, and I promise a lot of pictures!

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