Saturday, August 8, 2015

Two Week Update

Alice is just over two weeks old now, which is so hard to believe. Here are some photos from her first two weeks of life...

Milk coma...

First bath... 

 Lucy and Alice... Best of friends already!

Life has finally settled into a quiet rhythm. We had Alice's first doctor's appointment this past week. She weighed 6 lbs. and 6 oz., which means that she has already surpassed her birth weight! We have already attempted some family outings, and Alice seems to enjoy snuggling in the Moby wrap. We even took Alice to a wedding; she slept through the entire thing. I have never met a calmer, more content little baby.

Alice has been having a little trouble nursing. She doesn't seem to have the patience to keep trying at it, and she just gets frustrated when she can't get any milk. Since I never had any trouble nursing Lucy, this is completely new territory for me. I am currently pumping every two hours to keep up with Alice's insane appetite, which is not ideal. I'm just thankful that Alice is healthy and gaining weight. Good job, little one!

Lucy is adjusting pretty well to having a baby sister around. She is very attentive and curious about everything Alice does. I'm so proud of my Lucy girl!

M and I are a little sleep-deprived, but not too bad. Alice has good nights where she sleeps for long stretches at a time, and she has bad nights where it seems like she wakes up every hour to eat. I feel like I am still running on adrenaline... and coffee.

We had Alice's newborn photos taken last week. I will try to post some of those soon!

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