Tuesday, August 25, 2015

One Month

Our sweet little Alice Pearl is one month old! It feels like the time has flown...

Here are some things to know about Alice at one month...
- We have not had her weighed since her two-week doctor's appointment, but we guess she weighs about seven pounds. She is growing so fast! Some of her little newborn clothes are already getting a little snug.
- Alice is finally nursing! Hooray! No more pumping for me. She finally got the hang of it after about three weeks. 
- Alice's temperament is very calm and sweet. She loves to snuggle. 

- the play mat
- her big sister
- snuggles
- tummy time
- baths

- diaper changes
- hiccups
- being left alone 

A lot of people have asked us who Alice looks like. She does not look much like her big sister, Lucy. My parents say she looks a lot like me when I was a baby. I'll let you decide for yourselves...

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