Friday, July 10, 2015

36 Weeks

I feel like I always say this, but seriously, where is the time going? Just 3 weeks and 4 days to go.

{Just woke up, so please excuse my bed head.}

At 36 weeks, Baby Sister is about the size of a large cantaloupe. She weighs about six pounds, and is anywhere between 19 and 22 inches long. These days, it's a major production for me to get out of bed, which I have to do several times during the night to go to the bathroom. It feels like this baby is sitting right on my bladder. 

At my doctor's appointment yesterday, I had my Group B strep test. I tested positive for GBS when I was pregnant with Lucy, and I had to receive antibiotics through an IV while I was in labor with her. This was not fun. I'm hoping I test negative for GBS this time around. 

I will also begin weekly doctor's appointments from here on out until I deliver. I am scheduled through the day after my due date, and I'm hoping I don't end up making it to that last one. Lucy was four days late, which isn't bad in the grand scheme of things, but I'm ready to meet this little girl and start adjusting to life as a family of four. 

My mom is coming to visit next week, and she'll be staying until after Baby arrives. I am so excited to have her here. Her presence will be a welcome distraction from the fact that I'm heavily pregnant, and it's hot, etc. Lucy is so excited to see her Lynnie! It gives me such peace of mind, knowing that Lucy will have someone to stay with her when we go to the hospital, and not just anyone, but one of her favorite people in the whole world! I doubt she'll even notice that we're gone.

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