Thursday, October 16, 2014

Practicing for Halloween

We got Lucy's Halloween costume this week. She loves it so much that she never wants to take it off...

Last year, she was a pumpkin (a very adorable pumpkin) and was too young to really get excited or care about being in costume. This year, my mom will be coming for a visit, which will be fun and so special, and Lucy is old enough to enjoy many of the festivities. When we asked her what she would like to dress up as, we were already 100% sure what her answer would be.

Her costume even has a little tail :)

While we won't be trick-or-treating, the Denver Public Library has a fun, little party for young kids, where they can wear their costumes and read stories, do arts and crafts, etc. It sounds like a fun (free) alternative to running around the neighborhood collecting candy that she won't even be able to eat. She would probably rather have apples and grapes (her new faves) than candy anyway.

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