Monday, August 18, 2014

Great American Roadtrip, Part 1

Sorry for the radio silence. We have been away on the Great American Roadtrip. At the end of July, we left Colorado and headed Southeast, through New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, and finally, to Mississippi where my parents live. We enjoyed a few, laid-back days swimming in their pool and eating real BBQ.

Our dog, Georgia, is an excellent swimmer. She enjoyed swimming laps in my parents' pool. The only problem is that she kept trying to rescue us...

Morgan tried to reassure her that we were all alright...

But in the end, Georgia had to go inside, so that we could swim without being "rescued"...

She was not happy about it.

After our time in Mississippi, we headed (with my parents) to north Georgia for M's grandfather's college graduation at age 88. I promise more pictures and tales of our adventures tomorrow :)

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