Monday, August 25, 2014

Great American Road Trip, Part 5

 We left Florida behind and back-tracked to M's hometown of Roswell, Georgia. We spent time with Lucy's Grandiva and Papa Bear, as well as Uncle Taylor and Aunt Pammy, who are expecting a little boy, due in December. We also got to spend some more time with Big Daddy, M's grandfather and Lucy's great grandfather...

{Uncle Taylor, Morgan, and Big Daddy}

After a few days in Roswell, it was time to head back to Colorado. We said our goodbyes and made the loooong drive home. Thankfully, Lucy was a champ for the entire trip. We couldn't believe how well she handled all of the travel and strange, new places. It was a wonderful trip for all three of us, and we feel so thankful we were able to visit with so many dear people. Now we can start the new semester relaxed and refreshed. 

It just so happens to be M's first day back at school. I'll post about that another time, though :)

{Photo Credit Juli Angert}

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