Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mexico, Part Uno

Well, we are home from Mexico. It was such an awesome trip, and I'd love to share some of the highlights! I should warn you that all these photos were taken with my cell phone, so they are not the best quality. We decided not to bring out camera... please forgive!

On the way to Mexico... we spent lots of time at the airport :)

Our hotel, the Royal at Playa del Carmen... It was beautiful!

We logged some serious sun time. Somehow, both of us managed not to get burned until the last day. Better than usual! 

Yes, this is a baby panther. And yes, we got to pet him! There was also a baby lion and a baby tiger. The tiger was my favorite... so cute! I didn't take a picture though, because you literally had to pay $20 for a photo op. We had to sneak the photo above! 

This fountain was right in front of our hotel. There were tons of shops and restaurants within walking distance.

These hats were everywhere!

I meant to take more photos, but honestly, we were having such a good time, I kept forgetting to document the trip. Tomorrow, I'll share photos from the wedding, which was my favorite part of all. 

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