Sunday, August 21, 2011

Field Trip

On Saturday, Morgan and I went on a little field trip. The Denver Ikea finally opened last month, so we decided to check it out. As this would be our first ever Ikea experience, we had to be prepared. We did some stretches. We quizzed one another with Swedish flash cards. We had no idea what to expect.

We were surprised to discover that visiting an Ikea is actually like going to a Disney Land for adults. You spend most of the day waiting in line. You feel slightly overwhelmed by the crowds and everything there is to look at, and half way through you start to whine that you would like a snack. And nothing about it seems even remotely real. It's very futuristic. Very European. And I say that with love, if you happen to be from Europe.

Ikea brought so much traffic to the neighborhood that there were several policemen on duty directing cars.

After walking through the miles of showrooms, the crowds are herded into a food court that serves meatballs and 50 cent hot dogs on nice dishes. Paper plates... Ugh. That is just so American.

We had a relaxing and productive weekend. Morgan and I have just discovered Mad Men (I know, we are way behind the times...) and we are hooked! We also finished painting our bedroom this weekend. I will post photos soon :)

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  1. we love ikea! people watching, hearing a minimum of 4 foreign languages, yummy cinnamon rolls, and exercise without actually feeling like you are exercising! going on the weekend = rookie mistake! we should go together sometime and i will teach you the ways! i hope someday ikea can redeem itself in your eyes!