Thursday, May 5, 2011

Patio - Before

Hello there.

The weather is finally starting to warm up in Fort Collins! I could not be happier about this. Morgan and I are planning to transform our little patio into an outdoor dining room / living room / fantastic place of relaxation, so that we can sit outside and enjoy the warm weather. Right now, the patio is not much to look at. Its primary purpose is bike storage. Secondary purpose is puppy time-out. Any time we have company - and the dogs get hysterical - we have to put them out on the patio until they can calm down.

The patio is pretty small, but we are thinking about a table and some chairs. Maybe some lighting. I am trying not to go overboard, since the chair project was much more difficult than we anticipated. Most things are, I am learning.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Do you have any special Cinco de Mayo plans? I think Morgan and I are headed to a party at friends' house tonight, as long as he gets back from Denver in time. He is there for Presbytery... his dream day of fun. Seriously :)

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