Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chair - After

We are finally finished with our chair!!! I am so pleased with the way it turned out.

First, the chair needed to be sanded. This proved to be tricky because the wood was thickly coated with polyurethane. Morgan rubbed it down in chemical stripper and sanded it all over again. Finally, the wood was prepped and ready to stain. We chose a darker wood stain to match the rest of our furniture. It took like 3 coats of stain to get the chair as dark as we wanted. And, since the weather decided not to cooperate, it took a few days for the stain to dry.

The new cushions are made of a white linen (Goodbye, eighties fabric!). The cushions took a while too, because I didn't really measure the inserts. (Note: Measuring is important.) But even the cushions eventually turned out nicely. We are so proud of this silly box chair. It was a team effort.

Tomorrow is Morgan's birthday!!! We have a special day planned, including a big breakfast in and margaritas with friends tomorrow night. I am going to attempt to make this cake. Wish me luck!

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