Thursday, March 26, 2015

21 Weeks

Many of you were able to guess our baby girl's name based on my little clues. We are still trying to figure out a middle name, but it feels so good to have the first name set. Of course, there's always a chance we'll meet her and say, "She doesn't look at all like a -!" Hopefully, that doesn't happen.

Please ignore my unmade bed. :)

At 21 weeks, Baby Girl is about as long as a banana - 7 inches - and weighs about 11 oz. She is developing taste buds and putting on fat, which is a good think when you are a fetus. This past week, I started experiencing round ligament pains, which are really lovely. It just means my body is stretching and my ligaments are relaxing to accommodate Baby Girl as she grows bigger. 

Now that we're past the halfway mark, we've started thinking about all that we have to do to prepare for Baby Girl's arrival. Thankfully, there isn't as much to do this time around. I've been taking Lucy's newborn things out of storage, which makes me super emotional. I can't believe Lucy used to fit in those tiny little clothes! Soon, she will be a two-year-old! How did that happen?

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