Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blue or Pink?

As we wait to find out the sex of our baby, I thought it might be fun to see what the old wives' tales have to say...

{Ultrasound at 8 weeks}

Ramzi Method: This one is really confusing (has to do with Baby's position in the uterus), but I believe the correct interpretation is: GIRL

Morning Sickness: My morning sickness has been pretty minimal, which points to: BOY

Heart-rate: Under 140 beats per minute apparently indicates a boy, while more than 140 beats per minute indicates a girl. Baby measured 150 beats per minute at my last appointment, which means: GIRL

Bulge: According to one old wives' tale, if you are bulging from the hips and back (sort of an all-over bulginess), this indicates girl. If you are mostly bulging out front, this indicates boy. I am definitely bulging to the front, so: BOY

Stealing Mom's Beauty: Apparently, little girls "steal" their mother's beauty, causing their skin to break out. This time around, not a pimple in sight, which indicates that I must be having a: BOY

Cravings: Women who crave salty or savory foods are supposedly expecting a boy, while women who crave sweets or fruit must be expecting a girl. This pregnancy, I fall somewhere in the middle. I have definitely been craving fruit, but I have also been craving salty / savory things like peanut butter. The result: UNCLEAR

Chinese Calendar: According to the Chinese Calendar, I will be having a: BOY

Urine Test: Brightly-colored urine apparently indicates a boy, while dull-colored urine indicates a girl. This may be TMI, but the verdict says: GIRL

Penny Test: This one might have been invented by old, Southern wives. I have only heard of this when we lived in Georgia, and I always thought it was funny. Supposedly, you lick a penny and stick it to the wall. If it sticks, you're having a girl. If it falls off, you're having a boy. I tried this at a friend's house the other day, and the penny stuck to the wall the entire time I was visiting. Thus: GIRL

So there you have it. I am having a boy. Or a girl. Definitely one or the other :)

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