Monday, March 25, 2013


This past weekend, we went up to Estes Park, Colorado for a little getaway before Baby Girl arrives. We stayed in the beautiful, historic Stanley Hotel, which was also Steven King's inspiration for The Shining. The hotel is supposedly haunted, but we didn't meet any ghosts while we were there :)

This was our view from the hotel... The mountains are absolutely stunning. On Thursday, we played around in the town of Estes Park, since I wasn't exactly feeling up for a hike...

Being at the Stanley Hotel is like stepping back in time... The elevators date back to 1909, though thankfully they've had mechanical updates!

We stayed on the third floor. The fourth floor of the hotel, where Steven King famously stayed, is the "haunted" floor. There are guided ghost tours every night. M and I decided to opt out of these.

Thursday night, we went to dinner in the hotel restaurant, which is famous for its whiskey bar. (M was obviously thrilled!) After dinner, we tried to watch The Shining, which the hotel has screening for guests every night. I couldn't make it through the whole movie, even though I'd seen it before... Being there, it was just too creepy!

Friday morning we had coffee and warm croissants in the hotel cafe before packing up and heading back to Fort Collins. The local forecasts were predicting blizzards for Friday afternoon, but the weather was sunny and beautiful. Still, we didn't want to take our chances being snowed in. We got back to Fort Collins around lunch time, and sure enough, the blizzard was in full force by three o'clock that afternoon! 

We had such an amazing time on our little "babymoon". I feel rested, refreshed, and ready for Baby Girl to get here. It's amazing to think that she could really arrive any time now! 

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