Wednesday, May 2, 2012


While I was on my trip to Georgia, M planted this peony for me in our yard, and it is already blooming! I am not one of those people with a green thumb, so I am hoping we can keep this little plant alive for awhile.

This week has been a full one. On Monday night, we went to a bottling party. One of our friends brewed his own beer and then invited us all over to watch and participate in the bottling process. I never realized how much work goes into bottling beer, let alone making it. I was too afraid to touch anything, but M was in charge of capping the bottles. The bottle caps have to be boiled in water and then clamped onto the bottles with this claw-looking device. Intense.

Last night, we got to have dinner with my dad in Denver! He was here for a business trip, and we took him to 16th Street and then to dinner at Appaloosa Grill. It was so wonderful to get to see him, even if it was only for a few hours.

Friday, we are headed back to Denver to watch the Atlanta Braves play the Colorado Rockies. Of course, we'll be rooting for the Braves. We may live in Colorado, but our loyalties have not changed.

Have a lovely week. xo.

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