Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I love Easter. I think it might just be my favorite holiday. I love everything it means for us, that the God we worship is living, that he conquered death and is restoring his creation. Springtime is such evidence of that... After months of cold, dead landscape, spring has brought everything to life. Last year, we didn't have much of a spring season in Colorado, so it's nice to have one this year. It makes the celebration of Easter seem much more real and familiar. Although, last Easter, my parents were visiting... hard to compete with that!

After church, getting ready for the honey-baked ham and deviled eggs...

This morning, I woke up to find that M had made me a big, Easter breakfast. After breakfast, there was church and then lunch. After we finished lunch, we went over to some friends' house to watch the Masters and sip mint juleps. I am not usually a golf fan, but it was fun to see my native state and watch a Georgia alum take the green jacket! After the Masters, we grilled out and had a nice dinner of brats and cheese grits. Pretty great finish to a pretty great holiday.

While I am bummed that Easter is actually over, I am so excited to head out on a little mini-trip to Georgia this week. One of my friends from college is getting married, and I am excited to spend some time with friends and family while I'm there for her wedding. Sadly, M is not making the trip with me, but don't be sad for him... He will have plenty of yard work to keep him busy until I get back.

Happy Easter!
He is risen! 

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