Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DIY: Upholstered Headboard

Well, we finally did it. We finished our headboard. I am proud to say that it looks terrific. The project also turned out to be much easier than I expected. Keep reading if you are thinking about making your own...

Materials Needed:
1. Staple Gun (We used an Arrow JT-21... You can find it at Home Depot.)
2. Staples (Make sure you get the right size.)
3. Plywood in the desired shape / size of your headboard (You can have the wood cut to your exact dimensions by one of the fabulous guys at Home Depot.)
4. Fabric (You will need enough to cover the entirety of the plywood, plus extra to fold over the edges... in other words, your fabric should be slightly larger than your plywood.)
5. Scissors 
6. Upholstery tacks
7. Hammer 
8. Egg crate foam mattress (We used a full size mattress.)
9. A husband who is handy with tools and stuff. (Note: Husband optional.)

1. Lay the plywood down flat against the egg crate foam. (Make sure the wavy side of the mattress is facing up.)

2. Wrap the foam tightly around the plywood and staple in place. Fold at the corners. 

3. Spread the fabric out over the egg crate mattress. Smooth out any wrinkles. Staple fabric tightly in place. 

4. Position upholstery tacks around the edge of the headboard. Nail tacks evenly in place. (At the corners, make sure studs with holes overlap before hammering the nail in.) 

5. When you're finished, you can either mount the headboard onto the wall or create legs for the headboard to rest on. Since we are currently renting, Morgan screwed some legs into the plywood, so we wouldn't have to nail into the wall. 

Ta da! Pretty darn easy. The whole project took a couple of hours and cost approximately $100. I can't wait to share the finished product!

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