Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bedroom: Before and After

I am excited to say that we are finally finished with our bedroom make-over! Here are some photos from before...

Blah. So boring.

And after...

Our headboard! It turned out great, don't you think? And the grey on the walls really warms the space up.

We found this old print at the flea market. The dogs remind me so much of Sadie and Georgie. Plus, the colors are beautiful.

Sorry for the quality of the photos... they were taken with my phone. Overall, the space is much warmer and cozier. But best of all, I feel like it captures our combined style really well. There are some masculine details, like the tailored headboard and the wall art, but there are also plenty of feminine, girly touches - like the pops of color and metallic elements. Bling, if you will.

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