Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh Hail

Last night we got together with some of our friends for dinner. We grilled lamb and brats over the fire pit and ate outside in the backyard. We had the projector all set up to watch an outdoor movie, when all of the sudden, it started to rain. And thunder. So we moved the party inside.

Here we are playing outside, before all hail broke lose. Ha.

On the way home, it began to rain and lightning. Then, all of the sudden, we heard this loud clattering sound. It was hailing so hard, we were afraid for our car. We could hardly see out the front windshield. Fortunately, we were almost home. We pulled into the parking lot and waited in the car, afraid we would sustain bodily injury if we tried to make a break for it. The hail was falling hard in big chunks. It was setting off car alarms and probably bruising the arms and legs of the poor cyclists we passed a few moments earlier. When it finally calmed down enough for us to make a run for it, we did. We dodged through the hail like a couple of ninjas.
Cut to our arrival, soaking wet, in our apartment, where we discovered we forgot to close our windows. Oops.

I am going to do a toe-touch tomorrow when it's finally the weekend.

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