Thursday, June 23, 2011


We made it safely to Georgia. We got in last night around dinner time. Morgan's parents took us out to Mellow Mushroom. Then we made daiquiris and watched a movie.

It feels so good to be home. As we crossed the state line into Georgia, I did some crazy dance in my seat (not easy with a seat belt on). I love my home state. I love everything about it. I love the way the air smells when it rains. I love how lush and green the landscape is. I love how friendly people are (most of the time) and how there are stands on the side of the road selling everything from peaches to onions to pralines. I love being home.

Here are the girls during the looooooong drive. Somebody took up the entire back seat. Somebody else is not happy about it.

But they finally worked it out.

Wedding shenanigans officially start tonight. We are going to dinner at my all-time favorite Atlanta eatery -- Swallow at the Hollow. We will enjoy some BBQ and live bluegrass, and then bachelorette madness will follow. I can't wait.

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