Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Spoonful of Sugar

We are (almost) all moved into our new apartment! It has been quite the process. If I were Mary Poppins, I could just snap my fingers and watch everything unpack itself. But I am not Mary Poppins.

Morgan woke up the night before last (our first night in our new apartment) with terrible food poisoning. After an entire day of carrying heavy things, we were starving and desperate, so we went to Qdoba for dinner. Let's just say that Morgan's burrito did not get along very well with his stomach. So he was up all night Thursday night, and then spent most of the day yesterday recovering. We have had a couple of setbacks, but the new place is coming along. And Morgan feels much better today :)

As soon as the boxes are gone, I will take some pictures of the new place.

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