Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 in Review

I feel like a copycat. I was looking at my friend's blog, and she had posted photos highlighting 2010. I did something like this back in November when our neighbors had their Brew and Review, but I wanted to do it again now, this time more thoroughly. 2010 was just such a great year! I feel like these moments are worth remembering.

Valentine's Weekend in Asheville, NC

Morgan's "crazy eye"

Morgan celebrates his 22nd birthday

Our newest family member, Georgie

We graduated from college!

I still can't believe it...

Summertime in Roswell... dinner at Swallow!

Georgie's first time seeing the ocean...

Cape San Blas trip with Morgan's family

Our first apartment... in boxes.

Summer in Athens... my favorite.

Morgan and I with my parents at our going-away dinner

Loading up the moving van for Colorado

Autumn in the Rocky Mountains

My 23rd birthday and the Sufjan concert in Denver

Snow! And our hunt for the perfect Christmas tree...

Morgan climbs his first "14er"

What a great year :)

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