Saturday, February 1, 2014

9 Months

Our Lucy girl is officially nine months old!

{Standing up!}

She is turning into quite the busy little girl. She has mastered the "inch worm" crawl. It may look awkward, but it gets her where she wants to go, and it gets her there fast. Even though she has plenty of wonderful toys to play with, Lucy seems to prefer power cords, cell phones, and car keys. And of course, Daddy's glasses. 

At nine months old, Lucy weighs a whopping sixteen pounds. This may not sound very heavy, but take it from the lady who lugs her car seat around all day - it's heavy. 

Lucy has also learned a fun new trick. She can wave and say, "Hi." This trick is particularly adorable, but she won't do it on command. You have to play coy with her and pretend you forgot she is in the room, and then you might get a "hi" and a wave. 

Her little personality comes out a little more every day. She is friendly and cuddly, but also very independent and strong-willed. I can tell we are going to have our hands full during her teenage years :)

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