Saturday, December 28, 2013

8 Months

Lucy is 8 months old today! I know I always say this, but I can't believe how quickly time has passed. It seems like yesterday that we were waiting for her to arrive. This time last year, I was still pregnant.

{Lucy meeting Santa for the first time...}

At eight months...

-  Lucy has one tooth and another one coming in. 

- She has been eating all sorts of new foods, including oatmeal, peas, chicken, and applesauce. She has even tried French fries. 

- Lucy can sit up and support herself. She has even started crawling, although she can only crawl backwards.

- Lucy can stand up if she is holding onto something. She can't pull up on her own, and she isn't walking yet. She can take her time with that :)

- She talks quite a lot, mostly gibberish, but she has been known to say "Mama" and "Baba" - which we think means "Papa". 

I am so thankful that Lucy is healthy and growing. She is such a joyful little girl, which seems appropriate as her name means "light". She brings light with her wherever she goes!

Happy 8 Months, Lucy! Your mama and papa love you! 

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  1. santa's socks are awesome. not feeling his sleeves though... :)

    oh, lucy is still totally adorable. her outfit is perfect.